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Classical Ballet

An artistic form of elegant and refined movement, ballet training at KDC promotes good posture, poise and strength, while developing confidence and self esteem within each individual. Teaching the AICD Syllabus, opportunities exist for both the young enthusiastic dancer and the aspiring professional student. Classes are available for girls and boys from age five. 


Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie  Walton-Mahon  for   students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best on classical ballet.  This class is for ages 6+ and assists immensely with classical development. You must take ballet to be able to join this class.

Classes on Offer


A modern and energetic style of dance for all ages that combines popular music with strong and dynamic movement. Jazz at KDC follows the Australasian Dance Association syllabus and builds on the already vast variety of styles by continuing  to  incorporate  choreography   that is innovative and entertaining. Jazz classes offer a unique and fun program that promotes confidence, fitness and flexibility. Classes are offered to students from age five.



Acrobatics involves balance, agility and coordination. Students benefit greatly from the limbering and stretching skills that are developed, and the increased flexibility gained from acrobatics complements other styles. Acrobatic classes are available for students age 2 and older. 



Working with the Australasian Dance Association syllabus, tap  at KDC  is a fun and rhythmical form of dance encouraging both musicality and co- ordination. Using clarity in sound, energy and dynamics, tap builds on a percussive style that can accentuate rhythms, or make music of its own. Classes are offered for all students age five and above.



Pushing classical boundaries, contemporary offers the dancer emotional freedom and expressing through abstract movement. 

Utilising all dimensions, contemporary dance can explore the self and interpret the broader external element of life. Classes are offered to all students aged six and above. 

Hip Hop

KDC Hip Hop Choreography includes a mix of breakdancing, urban street funk and features a mixture of fluid and sharp movements all performed with loads of energy and enthusiasm. It is a dance style used on many commercial video clips. This class is offered to all students 6 and above.


Petit Pointers

KDC offers a unique and creative dance program specifically designed for ages 2 & 3 years old. With an emphasis on creativity and fun,  we use an imaginative and playful approach in each class to encourage a love of movement and dance.

The teaching staff ensure that the individuality and creative  potential of each student is  embraced and nurtured. Classes at this level are fun & creative, and fundamental skills such as balance, coordination and musicality are developed.


Competition Team

Students that join the competition team receive the opportunity to train in all styles of dance, perform in group and solo routines and compete around QLD. This is an elite team that forms close friendships and become true performers. Being a part of a competitive team is an amazing opportunity and teaches dancers the importance of supporting one another. 

Competition Team members also receive 20% off of group tuition. 


Mini Stars Combination Class

The Mini Stars Combination Class at KDC is the perfect transition between our Petit Pointer/Acrobatics and Exam Classes. Students aged four get to experience Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acrobatics each week.

This class aims to develop important key foundations in co-ordination, balance, agility and control.

Even though your little dancer may have a preference for one style of dance, taking a combination class will help to build these foundations.

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