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Our Studio

Karla’s Dance Collective is a passionate dance & vocal studio located in Biloela. We are proud to have fully qualified & registered faculty and an energetic approach to dance education. We offer diverse, well rounded and superior dance curriculum for students age 2 to Pre Professional. 

Our studio is built upon the talents of many individuals, and hence we provide a warm and caring culture where students are not afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with all forms of dance and performance.

We encourage creativity and diversity, whilst instilling passion, confidence, discipline and a love of dance within each of our students.

Our mission is to inspire a lasting love for dance and to instil confidence, focus and resilience.

Our Classes

Our Faculty

Faculty at Karlas Dance Collective are professional, passionate and dedicated to delivering high quality dance education.Our team form close relationships with their students and strive to transfer the skills and capabilities they require to have their dreams turn into reality.

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Beautiful teachers who show great care for their students. They are very professional and work exceptionally hard to produce beautiful dancers. My girls love dancing with Karla's Dance Collective. Thank you ladies!

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